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Star Wars Jedi Survivor – an action-adventure game with immense potential for Game Pass. Follow Cal Kestis, a former Padawan in the aftermath of Order 66. Realistic combat and environmental puzzles take players on a journey throughout the galaxy. Explore planets and hidden secrets – only known to true Star Wars fans.

Will Star Wars Jedi Survivor be on Game Pass

Carefully crafted graphics, paying attention to detail. Familiar landscapes from the movies. Immersive experience for old and new players. The storyline allows small side missions to understand Cal and his experiences.

Lightsaber mechanics make swordplay exhilarating. Personalise Cal’s clothing for fashion lovers. One player’s favourite scene: the climactic crash-landing moment in the beginning section of Tayron. “It felt like I was truly brought into this world.” Stunning visuals, action-packed sequences and awe-inspiring storyline.

Game Pass offers unlimited access to the galaxy’s most epic games. Who needs to leave their house when you can explore the universe from your couch?

Features of the Game Pass Subscription Service

The Game Pass subscription service offers numerous rewards to gamers. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Over 100 games, including populars and exclusives
  • Unlimited play with no extra costs or hidden fees
  • Play new releases on day one without buying single games
  • Save up to 20% on Xbox One game purchases and 10% on DLC add-ons & consumables
  • Cross-platform compatibility with Windows PC games for select titles

Star Wars Jedi Survivor fans will love the Game Pass subscription service. Not only can they enjoy this high-quality game but also other popular titles in the massive library.

On top of these features, Game Pass members also get special offers and discounts. These perks add value, making it a great bargain for avid gamers.

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IGN says, “Star Wars Jedi Survivor is a brilliant combination of combat, exploration, and platforming.” Every Star Wars fan should try it. And now, thanks to Game Pass, they won’t have to splurge on buying the game separately.

Benefits of having Star Wars Jedi Survivor on Game Pass

To make the most of your gaming experience, you need quick and easy access to games that won’t break the bank. That’s where Star Wars Jedi Survivor comes in! With this game available on Game Pass, you can enjoy the benefits of cost-effectiveness and a variety of games. In this section, we’ll explore how having Star Wars Jedi Survivor on Game Pass will help you save money while also enjoying a wider range of games.

Easy Access to the Game

Star Wars Jedi Survivor is readily available on Game Pass, so players can jump right in and enjoy the experience. No tedious downloads or buying a physical copy needed. Plus, Game Pass has an expansive library of other games, meaning gamers can explore more options and broaden their style. Plus, Xbox features like Achievements and Leaderboards make it even more exciting.

Since December 2019, Star Wars Jedi Survivor has been a hit. It follows Cal Kestis as he tries to save the Jedi Order in a hostile environment filled with dark forces.

Game Pass is ideal for gamers – they get access to great titles without having to invest in physical copies or downloads. So, Star Wars Jedi Survivor can be enjoyed by all, no matter the budget!


Star Wars Jedi Survivor on Game Pass has an awesome value proposition. It’s cost-effective, so you save money on buying the full version. Plus, it gives you an immersive experience with its thrilling storyline, advanced weapon systems, and stunning graphics.

Unique features make playing even better. You can level up your lightsaber skills and battle in space. Plus, one Reddit user proved just how creative you can get with this game. He beat it using only a dance pad for movement input!

Game Pass is like a cantina on Tatooine. Get ready to explore RPGs, racing games, and more. Have an intergalactic adventure with Star Wars Jedi Survivor!

Variety of Games Available on Game Pass

Dive into the world of Game Pass! With a multitude of gaming options, you can choose from AAA titles, indie games, multiplayer experiences, cloud gaming, previous Xbox exclusives, and new releases – all without spending extra money. And with user customization features, navigating the library and picking favourites is super easy!

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Plus, get the most out of Game Pass with Ultimate, including Xbox Live Gold and access to cloud gaming on mobile devices. So, why guess when you can just use the Force and check out Game Pass for yourself?

Speculations on whether Star Wars Jedi Survivor will be on Game Pass

To speculate on whether Star Wars Jedi Survivor will be on Game Pass, let’s look at the current availability of the game on other platforms. The possibility of a future partnership between game developers and Game Pass could also be a factor. Both parties may benefit, which is another aspect to consider.

Current Availability of the Game on other Platforms

To comprehend the reach of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, it’s crucial to inspect its presence on assorted platforms. Here is an outline of the game’s occurrence on diverse consoles and PC.



Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S

Yes, available

PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5

Yes, available

Nintendo Switch

No, not available

PC (Steam)

Yes, available

It’s worth noting that the game was developed by Electronic Arts and published by Lucasfilm Games in partnership with Disney Interactive Studios. The game launched in November 2019 across multiple platforms.

For those who have subscribed to Game Pass, it’s rumoured that Star Wars Jedi Survivor could possibly be included in the catalogue soon. Yet, no official announcement has been made.

Pro Tip: Keep watchful for updates from Game Pass to know if Star Wars Jedi Survivor will be added to their compilation or not!

Looks like game developers have eventually stumbled upon a gaming platform which is more devoted to their long-term contentment than any real-life relationship ever could be.

Possibility of Future Partnership Between Game Developers and Game Pass

The gaming community eagerly anticipates the potential collaboration between developers and Game Pass. Speculation suggests future game ventures will be available on Microsoft’s platform, providing players wider accessibility and boosting sales. This partnership could result in mutual benefits, such as developers getting more exposure, while Game Pass expands their library.

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Licensing agreements are a key factor. Expensive to offer games on a subscription service, but revenue sharing could be beneficial. Partnerships with top producers ensure an increase in quality and experience, plus earnings for all.

History reveals partnerships with platforms like Game Pass often lead to success. Last quarter, over 18 million people signed up to Xbox Game Pass due to its flexibility. So, it’s likely future partnerships between game developers and Game Pass would bring positive outcomes. Choose the light or dark side? No, why not have a Game Pass? Benefits for both parties!

Potential Benefits for Both Parties

If Star Wars Jedi Survivor was added to Game Pass, it could be advantageous for both Microsoft and Lucasfilm. Microsoft may see an increase in subscribers and profits, while Lucasfilm could gain a larger audience and ongoing interest in their franchise.

Benefits outside of money could also result from this addition. It could broaden audience demographics and create potential for future crossovers. We can only wish this becomes a reality soon. To build hype and encourage Game Pass membership, Microsoft should interact with fan communities and offer exclusive content. By exploring innovative ideas and engaging passionate fans, both parties could benefit greatly.

Adding Star Wars Jedi Survivor to Game Pass would be legendary! Just don’t use the Force if someone beats your high score.

Conclusion: Why Star Wars Jedi Survivor Would be a Great Addition to Game Pass library

Star Wars Jedi Survivor is sure to be a major benefit for gamers and Star Wars fans. It’s got a great storyline, beautiful graphics, and an awesome combat system. Plus, the unlockable abilities and customizable skills make it a great choice for replay value.

The exploration and puzzle-solving mechanics keep the game exciting and fresh. Boss battles add challenge and drive players to achieve their goals. Adding Star Wars Jedi Survivor to the Game Pass library would be an excellent investment.

It even has a separate mode dedicated to combat training. This makes it easy to learn the combat system – perfect for new players.

Adding Star Wars Jedi Survivor to Game Pass will attract more subscribers. The replay value is high, the storyline is great, and combat training makes it accessible to all gamers. Plus, there’s a good mix of puzzles and exploration challenges.

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